Sobrr wins Most Innovative Award at SVIEF 2014

We attended the Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurs Forum 2014 over the weekend in Santa Clara, CA. There were a great number of attendees, including speakers, investors, management directors, and fellow startup entrepreneurs from all around Silicon Valley and the nation: Co-founder of Apple Computer, Inc. Steve Wozniak, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu, U.S. Ambassador to China Gary Locke, President of Baidu Inc. Yaqin Zhang, and more.

We were invited to present among 13 startups that were selected from the preliminary round at the startup contest, where we had 3 minutes to pitch to five investors in front of an audience, followed by another 3 minutes of Q&A. Investors who are interested in being a mentor for Sobrr would then raise their hands (we had three investors raise their hand!) after which we were able to ask one question to each of the investors before we could decide who would be the best mentor for us. It was indeed a nerve-wracking experience but also fun and worthwhile.

We are honored to have won the Most Innovative Award of the startup contest are excited to return with plaques in our hands. But most importantly, we are thrilled to see the amazing responses to our Sobrr app and look forward to bringing more new features that would continue to encourage our fans to cherish their lives and live boldly, post freely.


- The Sobrr Team

Sobrr Inc. Closes $1.1 Million Funding From IDG Ventures

Ever since our launch on July 10, we have been growing rapidly both nationally and globally, being covered by famous media such as CNN, VentureBeat, Re/code, Independent, and Daily Mail.

We are very pleased to announce that we have secured a seed funding round of $1.1M from IDG Ventures!

Now that we have locked our seed round funding, we are going to work towards bringing Sobrr to more users through our new upcoming features. While currently only available on iOS, Sobrr will first be released in beta mid-September. Users interested in being beta users may sign up here: Sobrr will also be available in multiple languages very soon!

Sobrr’s Campus Race Program (, where college students are encouraged to spread Sobrr app to the rest of campus, is expected to launch mid-September. Monthly winners of the campus race will win a campus-wide party and the representing student ambassador will an iPad.

We want to continue promoting the culture of freedom in the industry of social networking through our 24-hour photos and chats. With Sobrr, people now have a more vibrant sharing platform where they can share freely so that our online interactions can be more like our in-person social interactions.

Our 24-hour friendship feature encourages users to think about intentionality in people’s relationships, making a distinction between regular “friends” that come and go and true crews that stick with you to the end.

But most importantly, have fun and enjoy life in the moment. Because that’s what we’re all about.

_The Sobrr Team

UC Berkeley Edition: 10 Things you need to do Before School Starts

10.   Clear Your Netflix Queue – Summer is the season of binge-watching and if spent correctly, can get you caught up on all of your favorite shows, and even a few of your guilty pleasures (looking at you “Sister Wives”). Before classes officially begin it’s important to make it through that last sprint of your “House of Cards” marathon. But be sure to save a few choice seasons for when you need to procrastinate during mid-terms and dead week.

9.   Party Hop through the Frats During Welcome Week – Ah welcome week. The mailer your parents got advertises the club fairs and campus festivities, but the socially-educated Berkeley student knows better; it’s a period where all fraternity houses open their doors for a week of nonstop dancing and drinking games.  Make sure you stop by and welcome Berkeley back the proper way.

8.   Hike the Big C at Sunrise – No Berkeley list is incomplete without an obligatory Big C reference. If you can get up in time, nothing brings in the new school year like a sentimental gaze down onto the campus and SF skyline as the world wakes up. Also, sunrise equals easy life symbolism and Instagram photos.

7.   Get Free Things at Caltopia – Fact: Everything is better when it’s free. That’s why Caltopia is not only the quintessential Cal tradition but is also essential shopping for last-minute school items. Need a new coffee mug, writing pens, and Cal keychain? Bingo. Also, it’s a rare time when you can trick yourself into thinking you’ll actually use that membership to the RSF you just signed up for.

6.   Visit San Francisco – San Francisco is one of the coolest, most beautiful and culturally-diverse cities on the planet. But let’s face it, once the semester starts we forget it exists. That’s why the weekend before your first class is the perfect time to BART over and spend the day shopping at the Westfield, eating clam chowder, and visiting Alcatraz.

5.   Reconnect with Friends – There is nothing better about college than the friends you make. And chances are, you’ve spent a good part of your summer missing most of them. The good news is that the week before school starts is basically one giant reunion party that includes everything from late night karaoke to early morning brunch. The hardest part is scheduling in everyone.

4.   Eat at the Asian Ghetto – Berkeley is known to be a particularly health-conscious community, but luckily the Asian Ghetto is here to balance the scales. Whether you prefer the Garlic Beef at Thai Basil or the infant-sized Calzones at Gypsy’s, the Asian Ghetto has something for every taste bud. If you plan well enough, the last days of summer can include the “AG Buffet,” which reacquaints us with all of our favorite Berkeley cuisine.

3.   Get Boba – Boba is a Berkeley treat so big it deserves its own category. With a plethora of milk tea places around campus, we might not know who originated the boba craze at Berkeley, but we certainly know who enjoys it: everyone. Getting Boba is the perfect reason to hang out and do absolutely nothing with those friends that know you best. Nutritional Warning: Ingesting large quantities of boba may induce 100% contentment and the strong desire that summer break could last forever.

2.   Spend an Afternoon on Memorial Glade – Sunshine in Berkeley is as consistent as the grade curve in your poly-sci class. It’s most likely to appear in August and September, and memorial glade is the best place to experience it. Sunbathe and chill while you can. Once the semester gets rolling memorial glade inevitably just becomes the giant obstacle between you getting to your class in Evans on time.

1.  Download Sobrr – Nothing announces your return to Berkeley like social media, and there’s a brand new app to help you do it. Sobrr is a temporary social network that allows you to live your life in the moment. It’s the perfect way to see what friends are back living it up in the Berk before you have to text and ask. Sobrr also introduces you to brand new friends so you can unite in in your fight against the end of summer. So whether you’re posting that Big C sunrise pic, looking for someone to grab boba with, or are documenting your welcome week parties, Sobrr is the perfect back to school companion. Sobrr: Your life, and summer, in the moment.

_The Sobrr Team

Sobrr wins 1st Place Category & 3rd Place General at SVIEF 2014

We had the opportunity to pitch at the Silicon Valley Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum 2014 in Mountain View, CA over the weekend! We were placed on First Place for the Social Network Category and Third Place for General Startups.

We were also recognized as one of the top 10 startups among 25 that made it to the final round of SVIEF event to be held in September 2014. We are excited that so many people love Sobrr and want to see it grow. Stay tuned for updates!

_The Sobrr Team

Have you ever wondered what happens to the stuff you post on social media? Check out Sobrr’s “The Ghost of Social Media.” Who knows? Maybe the ghost of social media is keeping all your records in his phone.

Download Sobrr from the App Store:

_The Sobrr Team

5 Ways to Protect your Career from Your Current & Future Boss


1. Make use of the privacy settings

On Facebook, there are privacy settings that allows you to manage which content to disclose to whom. Don’t let your tagged photos show up on your friends’ feed, or you can make sure you don’t get tagged in a photo unless you have approved it. If your Instagram is a bunch of photos of you and the drinks at a club, you’d probably want to make your posts private.

2. Don’t be friends with people who will make you look bad

If you have a friend with a half-naked photo of himself as a profile picture, go unfriend him right now. You don’t want that guy accidentally posting another inappropriate photo on your wall.

3. Think before you post anything

You’re a little buzzed and feel like making a confession that you’ve been crushing on your colleague since day one at work? Twitter is certainly not the place you want to do it. And if you already have stuff on there that you know you wouldn’t want your employers to see from the younger days (oh, the ansty middle school days), trace them back and delete them as much as possible. Did you know employers search you up before they decide to hire you?

4. Play dual identity

It doesn’t hurt to go ahead and create a new profile for yourself and keep two separate accounts for personal and professional use. Initially, it could be a bit of a trouble to go through your friends list to place them by category. Just make sure you don’t accidentally add follow your boss with the wrong account.

5. Delete them all together

Who needs social media when you can just go back to the old days of calling and meeting up with people in person? Social media platforms like LinkedIn is specifically for professional network, so if you do not intend to have

Or, you can always—

Bonus: Keep all your posts and friends on Sobrr!

It’s sometimes annoying to play around with the privacy settings or manage two profiles for each of the platforms. Imagine having two Facebook profiles, two Twitter handles, two Instagram accounts, and so on. And if you’re not the most techy person in the world, privacy settings can get confusing.

You really don’t need to worry about getting caught by your boss or the HR on Sobrr, since everything gets wiped out in 24 hours anyway. Yup, even that crazy photo of you and your newly found “best buds” from Vegas. In fact, those friendships are probably best they stay in Vegas after all. Sobrr’s temporary 24-hour features will do the job for you.

_The Sobrr Team

Founders Space Accelerator Opening Party in SF

We joined many startup founders and investors to celebrate the opening of Founders Space Accelerator last night in San Francisco, CA. Some delicious food and drinks were served, as well as a delightful selection of pastry desserts!

It was exciting to hear about all the cool startups that are happening in the Bay Area, and we’d love to meet you guys again soon!




_The Sobrr Team

Did you know the idea for Sobrr came after a crazy night at Las Vegas?

Co-founder Bruce Yang shares his vision for Sobrr and talks about the problems with today’s social networking industry and how Sobrr addresses them.

Sobrr Thoughts — On Friendship

Friendship is not an easy word to define. And a harder word to explain. What is it that makes us biologically driven to pick out others from a planet of 7 billion and decide they are just kind, smart or interesting enough to be our “friends”? Yet friendships are the center of the favorite parts of our lives, and in many cases, make our least favorite parts bearable.

In today’s modern world of social media friendship gets digitized, downloaded and updated into a variety of brightly colored icons on your smartphone. We all know that friendship is a unique experience for those involved. Regardless, some apps try and tell you just what friendship looks like.


On Twitter, it looks like following. This is a purely one-way street, and is the friendship equivalent of having someone you really like, stalk, and hang on their every word, without them necessarily knowing you exist. On Facebook, friendship is reciprocated which at first seems closer to the real world. But often times the standard for this connection is lowered and that “friendship” overstays its welcome. By a long shot. If this were the real world, it would be akin to having nearly everyone you’ve ever spoken to constantly bombarding you with their struggle at the DMV, new job offer and cats all day long. Google+ likes to give us options, and tells us we can choose to have family, friends and the ever-so-distant acquaintances (really, what is this category for? Your dentist?) But this still doesn’t come close to reflecting how we really feel about these special people in your lives.

We know that friendship can’t be easily defined, and the best ones defy all definitions. Friendship is a fluid, living thing that inspires us and gives us the support we need to stay sane. At their best, these friendships can motivate us to become the people we want to, and keep us aware of the lives we’re living. That is why Sobrr offers a unique way to make friends that has never existed before on social media – the 24 hour friend. If you meet someone, and aren’t sure what category they are, (even if they are your dentist) that’s okay. You have time to decide, based on what they do in the present. If it’s a good fit, you can both become a permanent part of the other’s crew. If not, that’s okay. You can both go your separate ways, just like the real world. The power is all yours. We at Sobrr might not be able to help you define why that one special person gets you like no one else in 7 billion. But we can at least help you express it.

Sobrr – your life, and friendships, in the moment.

_The Sobrr Team

PR Hacker Event at San Francisco

Last night a couple people from Sobrr checked out PR Hacker's workshop event about finding our ways into tech reporters' inboxes through effective PR.

We had the joy hearing Benjamin Kaplan's lively and informative, tried and tested tips on how to gain media attention, and Sam O’Keefe from TechCrunch and Melissa Joy Kong from Eventbrite also shared the types of headlines that catches their eyes and pet peeves that everyone should avoid.


We were even lucky to be selected among many startup founders to pitch Sobrr to all the attendees!


It was a great event, and we are excited to hear more from the PR Hacker team!


_The Sobrr Team